Thursday, December 14

How to Get Over Date Shyness

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Drink wine before you go out

Wine or alcohol can really calm you down before your date. People that are shy probably have anxiety disorder. They’re shy when it comes to everything. They’re shy about everything and not just dating. It could be biological problems where they’ve inherited the shy genes. I know I inherited the shy genes from my parents. I get really shy and anxious, it’s very hard for me in public situation, but I’ve recognized it as a problem and now I’m doing better because I use cognitive therapy. You can tell yourself that it’s just genetic problems and that you have no reason to be shy. The world doesn’t think the way that you think. They are probably not really pointing at you anyways. If you think that everyone is pointing their fingers at you, then you’re wrong. You think a lot about people but they might not be thinking at all about you. However, sipping on some wine while you’re out, or will go out will help calm you down. You should try it if you have never tried it before.

You have nothing to lose

You have nothing to lose anyways. The worst you will get is a “no’ or a rejection but you can move on from rejection. It’s not like; you will lose your life if you make a move. You really have nothing to lose so don’t be afraid.

Everyone needs to date

You can’t be single forever. Everyone needs to date. It’s normal to date and to ask people out. You should enjoy each other. It’s the greatest thing that God gave to men, which is love.

They don’t think that badly of you

No matter what, your date is not that evil to the point where they think that badly of you. They will not think that badly of you. They probably don’t think anything of you anyways. They probably think that you’re a great person and that they have a good time with you.

Smile when you’re nervous

If you’re really nervous, just smile and nod while they talk. You don’t always have to control the conversation. You just have to smile.

Let them know that you’re nervous

If you’re really nervous, you should let them know. They will understand and probably will not put too much pressure on you. They will understand since most people get really nervous on dates.

Be confident

You should be confident since there is no reason to put yourself down. You should have high self esteem and love yourself and face people. People love people who are confident about themselves.


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