Sunday, December 17

Anyone Can Learn With The Right Teacher

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We often hear about those students who struggle to learn in school. It could be that the teaching style is to blame. Many of these children are classified as having a learning disability. However, the real problem lies in the way that they are tought.

Unfortunately, our school system focuses too much on standardized tests and not enough on the actual learning. Teachers rush through important material without fully explaining it in detail. Textbooks tend to do the same thing. Many times the teacher does not even fully understand the subject that they are teaching themselves. Ofcourse, without this knowledge, the teacher is not able to communicate the material to their students.

Another factor in the process of learning involves finding a teacher to whom you can relate on a personal level. Someone you can easily understand and actually like. It is important that we feel good about the people who are teaching us. We must see our teacher as our friend and ally. We must feel that they are genuinly concerned about our well being and that they want us to learn. The teacher must like us as well.

It is safe to say that one teacher cannot be a good match for everyone. Finding the right teacher is a lot like dating only less complicated. There is a good teacher for everyone. It just takes time to find them. Private schooling may be the best method for teaching children who are struggling in school. Private tutoring is also a great tool in helping children succeed at any level.


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