Friday, December 15

How Do Pheromones Operates to Human Mind?

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Pheromones are chemical signals first discovered as a sex attractant in insects. Science recorded several study regarding a particular chemical excreted by an insect that triggers a social response from the members of the same species.

But do pheromones operate the same way in mammals.? Accordingly, reproductively relevant social-environmental odor cues may interact with the genetic substrates of mammalian behavior. Simply true, humans also appear to have have an active pheromones and is read by a cell tissue in our brain–the most important organ involved associated with behavior.

How does pheromones function to humans? Pheromones function in the selection of a partner and even in dealing with the people surrounding a person that aggregates pheromones. This has been found strongly with the famous CCleopatra.

Nowadays, there are few perfume and cologne products which are said to have the chemicals needed to attract the opposite sex. But there’s this truth that I want to tell you. We have enough chemicals in our body that attracts the man who is suited for the pheromones we possess.

Truly love is a mystery. There are thousands of reasons and explanations of why a man falls in love to woman. But what ever is true. We all know that human beings as we are,  are capable of falling not just with the superficial.


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