Thursday, December 14

How To Create Wealth: Use Whatever You Have In Your Hands

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‘Wealth’ refers to the accumulation of resources, whether abundant or not. It can be properties, investments, tangible items, etc. ‘Richness’ refers to an abundance of such resources.

One person’s idea of wealth is not necessarily another persons. It all depends on what one’s goals and aspirations are. You may have already reached utopia in your mind – or are still on your way to it!  But let’s examine the way God looks at our ability to create wealth on our path to how to create wealth in God’s kingdom economy.


 Okay, chances are you already have in your hands all that you need to create wealth and get out of debt. Yup, that’s right! Do you have a house? Do you have a car? A digi cam or a Kodak brownie it doesn’t matter. Do you know how to bake some cookies? Do you have a pc? Now of course you have a pc or you couldn’t be reading this right now, eh?

Chances are that no matter how economically bad off you are, you have wealth of some sort and have at your disposal a plan to create more wealth, or have a plan inside your head waiting to be birthed. Actually, all you really need is a plan or an idea, (A God idea is even better), and whatever you already have in your hand at the time. Is it an MLM downline or a typewriter? Is it skill or ability which you have and haven’t thought of ever using?

Whatever the case, whatever it is – use it! Do it! You’d be amazed at how creative God can get once we ask Him to show us how to create wealth…once we ask Him for His wisdom.

Did you hear that? He already gave wisdom to you, all you need is wisdom which is the principal thing. And ask Him always for His Plan and how to use the Wisdom that He just gave you. You already have the power to get wealth!

Okay, let’s keep on going. Let’s say you got some debt. (And who doesn’t, let’s get real now saint). And you want to get out of debt. There are plenty of debt reduction strategies so I won’t go there. You just have to do whichever one God tells you to do. It’s that simple. He might say “give to so and so ministry” or He may not. Giving may or may not have anything to do with your financial troubles.

You might be a tither right now and in worse debt than ever before. Perhaps He might tell you to cut back and make a budget, (you probably are doing that right now to no avail). Whatever the case, you have

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 something right now in your hands which you can use to create wealth and help you get you out of debt! That is for you and God to prayerfully determine.

Okay, what else? Let’s say you have a $25,000.00 debt. Believe God, ask Him to get you out of debt, then ask Him for His Plan to do so. Now set time to seek His Face and His instructions. It may take a few days or it may take a few months to get His Plan. He may want you to get out of debt all at once or His Plan may come “here a little, there a little”.

Just keep going and don’t quit. Before you know it, you’ll be out of debt and now can concentrate on investing for returns. Actually, it’s all pretty simple. No matter what the nation’s economy or finances are – remember, you are connected to a “much higher financial system – not the London or New York Stock Exchange but, the Kingdom’s Xchange.

“What’s in your hand Moses?”, asked God. Moses looked down and saw a shepherd’s rod. “Er, I have a staff, a shepherd’s rod, Sir”. “Well, then throw it down!” And the rod became a serpent in Pharaoh’s court. Have a look today at what you have at hand and then throw it into God’s plan for you to create wealth.


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