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Dream Interpretation – Immediately Translating The Meaning of A Dream Collection

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I’m going to show you with an example how you can immediately translate the general meaning of a dream collection, even without translating all the details of each dream.

First dream:

Jane is walking in the street with her mother. A man without a face asks them about the dove. Jane cannot understand what dove he is asking about, but at that moment they see a white dove flyingin the sky. Her mother calls the police. The policeman kills the dove in the air.

Second dream:

There is no light in the room where Jane is. She goes to another room. As she opens the door, the light slowly disappears, and there is darkness everywhere.The same happens in all the rooms of the house.

Third dream:

Jane is afraid of a snake that entered her bedroom. She believes that it hide under her bed, but she is not sure.

Fourth dream:

Jane goes to the school as if she was a child. Jane’s father comes to pick her up, even though she didn’t have any lesson yet. He tells her that her mother is calling her, and they leave the school together. When they enter in the car, they find a cat.

Let’s examine the dreamer’s life biography:

Jane is a young woman who doesn’t have a boyfriend. She feels rejected by all men. She is trying to understand how to have a love relationship with someone.

There are too many details in each dream, and each detail gives us specific information about a certain aspect of the dreamer’s life and personality. However, I can quickly translate the general meaning of the dream collection based on the dream symbols that appear in each dream, and on the knowledge I have about the dreamer’s life:

First dream:

Jane is with her mother = The dreamer is being influenced by her anti-conscience, the wild side of her conscience.

The dove = Important news for the dreamer.

A man without a face = The animus, who is still ignored by the dreamer. He is her perfect match.

The policeman = Self-defense

The policeman kills the dove = Her self defense doesn’t accept the important news.

Second dream:

There is no light in all rooms = The dreamer ignores many things about the content of her psyche.

Third dream:

A snake enters in her room and goes under her bed: The dreamer will pass through painful experiences, which are related to her sexual relationships.  

Fourth dream:

Jane doesn’t follow her lessons even though she goes to the school because her father prevents her to = The dreamer’s under-developed conscience doesn’t want to learn the truth.

Her mother is calling her = The dreamer’s conscience is being controlled by her anti-conscience.

A cat in her father’s car = The dreamer’s conscience must smarten up and take control of her life.

Putting everything together:

The dreamer wants to have a love relationship, but she is afraid of all men. This is why she doesn’t know how to behave near them.She has to get rid of the influence of the negative components of her personality. Otherwise, she will never meet her perfect match, but keep avoiding him forever.


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