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No Peace And Going Against Your Better Judgment: A Sign of Heading in The Wrong Direction

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In making decisions, it is best to listen to that inside voice we all have.


When a person doesn’t have peace about doing something, then he or she shouldn’t do it! It is a warning system which God has programmed inside of us to warn us when we are heading in the wrong direction. “I just knew I shouldn’t have done that!” or “I had a feeling I shouldn’t have said that!” is a common experience. Well, next time that same feeling comes up, stop, listen, and pray. God is telling you something. Never, never do anything against your better judgment.

Let me start by saying, if you are a child of God and are truly wanting to do His Will, He guides you continually. “As long as Hezekiah sought the Lord, he prospered” say the Scriptures. (But then, he stopped seeking the Lord and many of you know the ending of Hezekiah.)

Following After Peace:
One of the many ways the the Holy Spirit (that’s Holy Spirit, not “spirit guide”) will guide you is by giving you peace in a certain matter. Whenever you are about to go off in the wrong direction, He will cause you to loose your peace. The warning siren will go off and red lights will start twirling.

If this happens, stop and backup to the place or decision you were about to make before the restless feeling took over. Wait and don’t move until you have prayed and received new peace about the matter and the direction you about to go in.

You perhaps are moving too fast. Perhaps, you are to go in another direction. Perhaps you are simply to stop and “be still and know He is God”. Wait on Him until you have peace about what He wants you to do and wait for His instructions for you. Always follow after peace in your situations. Peace and not restlessness is His sonar warning system for us.

It is a curious fact. Many times, the Lord seems to equate His peace with “I just knew better, I shouldn’t have done that.” It is the “better judgment” we should have followed. In addition to His wisdom, He’s given us an abundance of good judgment or, how shall I say it, horse sense!

Unfortunately, many of us don’t even show common sense when making decisions in life. Wrong companions and relationships; lack of control in finances; and being in a state of constant strife with others. Advice from


 the wrong people. Yes, even being in the wrong church or ministry. Ouch!

He warns us by alarms, red lights, loosing our peace, and by things beginning to go wrong or “not looking just right or feeling right”. He constantly warns yet many Christians still insist on barreling on their own way until disaster comes on them. Therefore, get wisdom: follow peace and don’t do anything against your better judgment. Allow Him to lead you in the way you are to go. He is always leading. Are you listening? Are you following? You may be on the wrong path.

“And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep
your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7, KJV)


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