Monday, December 11

Set a Right Mindset With Project Frustrations: Don't Despise Your Small Beginnings

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When It is time for you to go to your next level in your maturity and walk with Christ, it also means you get to go to a “new level” of experience and understanding concerning your projects and finances.


 If you set the right mindset you can end your frustration and be able to see your project, whatever it is, to success!

In God’s Kingdom economy, (economy being God’s way of doing things),God wants you as wealthy as you can wisely handle finances. He wants you to walk in His abundance and show a profit in every area of your life – not just in money. And many times one can tell how much one is going to prosper by how wisely the both our projects and finances are being handled.

And for what purpose is this? Well, so a person can be abundantly blessed and be a blessing to others; so His Kingdom can grow and prosper; and there would be no lack of anything.

Throughout various teachings in the Christian world we hear that according to the amount of money we give as Christians, the more blessings we will have. Sounds good huh? Except it’s not Scriptural. The amount of the offering has nothing to do with the condition of the heart. This principle is nowhere seen more aptly than in the Scripture verses concerning the widow’s mite. In today’s currency exchanges, she gave hardly anything. But in God’s economy, (once again God’s way for doing things), she gave it all.

Wisdom, obedience and holiness are the yard sticks God uses to determine to what degree we are to prosper. If you were a parent, how likely is it you would give your three year old a Lexus? Not very likely, right?

Okay, before God begins to prosper us financially He expects to see us walk in His wisdom and He begins to prove us to see how well we can manage the finances and everyday projects He has entrusted to us. As a rule, He will begin with a seed, a small beginning, then, as we have passed the multiple tests, He gives increase. We see this concept both in the Old Testament and the New.

Remember the widow in the Temple giving of her last mite? You should, Jesus remembered her. And He knew exactly how much she gave and how much she had left over – nothing, zilch, nada! His discernment (wisdom) saw


 the condition of her heart. It was no accident that Solomon humbly asked for wisdom and got plenty of it – plus, the greatest amount of wealth the then known world had ever witnessed.

With wisdom, as we sense the leadership of the Lord, we can take let’s say a small amount of money. Let’s say a couple of dollars. We would ask for His direction and wisdom, and then, He would give it.

With a couple of dollars, He would show us where to invest, first doubling the money and then re-doubling it. Now, tripling it! You as a good steward could be setting it aside, once again, let’s say in a money market account which bears higher yield than a regular pass book savings account or whatever is best these days.

If you had wisdom, and knowledge, and understanding, in no time at all, with a couple of dollars “seed money” you would have accumulated quite a little bundle at the end of the year. A very small beginning indeed, but now you have something saved up for either your tax money; or a little vacation; or perhaps health insurance; or even an account to help save for your grand children’s or children’s college fund. Whatever project you would like to steer into the way of completion. You can even begin to tithe to the Lord as He leads or give to missions.

Do you see? And you did it all with a small beginning. Just a couple of bucks. Less than a cup of “joe” at Starbucks. You did it with a tiny seed, a very small beginning.

You can always tell how much you’re going to prosper by how wisely you handle the projects and amount of finances which God entrusts you with. They are seeds to your next harvest. Remember, God made you the head and not the tail! Now use your head!


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