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Age Of War Managed Over 1 Million Searches At Least Last Month

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Age of War has been classed as an Action flash game I don’t suppose it’s truly that previous and was added to the Mochi games community simply over 195 days ago from the date this submit was made. It might have been on the Internet before this time and it was not made by them. The flash game programmer chargeable for Age of War goes by the identify of Chazman177 by way of the mochimedia members area.

So far I have solely discovered two games underneath the tag title of Chazman the plain and the second game Smileys War. There are not any comparisons to be made between these two games as each offer one thing completely different to the other. If you recognize where to look you will discover that Age of war is a lot more standard than Smileys war by a 500,000 searches each month and perhaps even more.

I think with this quantity of searches every month you may contemplate age of war to be a top flash game, and achieve more in popularity as time goes on. It offers a good way to clear the thoughts after a hectic day because it is not going to require to much concentration.

You may find the music as catchy as I do in the event you don’t well you don’t should take heed to it, it is a primary game general including the graphics and game play but I love it. A Simple eight out of ten score from me for the style of game it is. I feel a welcomed addition to the game would be so as to add multiplayer options.

The best websites to play games like age of war are websites that don’t contain to a lot advertising and pop up ads. On some websites it could possibly get really out of hand the place closing one browser opens another then another. I found quite a pleasant age of empires fan web site simply the other day hosting the game, it played reasonably properly and I bought the possibility to get up to date on news of the future launch of a new game already known to tens of millions Age of Empires online.

It actually is just not going to take you long to become familiar with the way you play Age of War but one factor you will have to get used to is that you will have to take your time playing it, you will not be able to go steaming in knocking down the computer systems base but must construct your resources and fire energy and use it in a strategic manner.

The very first stage and age you begin in is the stone age, the starting base is clearly produced from stone and your foot solders are less than cumbersome membership men. As players progress via the game and the ages so do the weapons and men.

As your empire grows in wealth players could have upgrades unlocked and totally different weapons and particular weapons available to them. Players will defiantly discover that once they have upgraded the more superior weapons are properly out of the value range.

Age of war permits players to take command of 16 completely different solider items and 15 cannons and combined turrets that can aid in your bases defense, you should have the opportunity to advance through 5 ranges of carnage as you improve your empire through the ages.

I have seen age of war on quite a number of websites but discovered the game to begin to run fairly slowly half manner by way of playing, I can only think about this may have something to the somewhat intrusive adverts displaying taking over bandwidth and the pop up blocker running in over time stopping all of the promoting sharks getting onto the PC.


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