Tuesday, December 12

Monthly Horoscope: Libra And Skorpion

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Even with the advent of December when many of you there will be significant changes in the business sector that will bring comfort and proper satisfaction. By the middle of the period in excellent organization on your part will easily remove barriers to business and personal horizon. Do not let the solution instead of the existing differences to strive to meet your personal principles. Try to be as objective, if you asked for advice from a friend. In the second half of December will be extremely difficult to control your emotions rushing consequence of the actions and words from a colleague or competitor. Take advantage of the favorable moment to develop its international contacts, as they will dictate your future in 2011. will your dreams come true with more faith and positive attitude. Do not be afraid to manifest his love for intimate mate. Overcome reservations about the possibility of permanent commitment!

Element Air
Characterization Cardinale, male, positive
Planet Venus
Beneficial partnerships Aries, Aquarius, Gemini
Adverse partnerships Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn
Lucky Number 6
Day Friday
Autumn Season
Color blue, light blue
Stone Aquamarine, topaz, rock crystal, tourmaline light


With the advent of December proceed with vigor, because the only way you will finish on time with all thanked business commitments. It is better to comply with some features that exist in your workplace before you take any any changes. Avoid errors because so risk losing the solid ground under their feet. Do not force your luck in love! Important for you to have real regard for the things that surround you. Regarding the financial situation you can feel safe, especially if you were sensible enough in spending in recent months. In the second half of December to learn of softness, especially if it can strengthen your relationship with intimate mate. Spend enough time for fun and meeting friends and relatives. Travel and do not hesitate to express aloud their inner emotions and desires to your beloved. Spend enough time for rest, sleep and positive emotions. Remember to moderate physical activity!

Element Water
Characteristic Fixed, female, passive
Planet Mars
Beneficial partnerships Cancer, Pisces
Adverse partnerships Leo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius
Lucky Number 9
Day Tuesday
Autumn Season
Color purple
Stone Amethyst, emerald, red opal, carnelian, coral


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