Monday, December 18

The Secret World is a Little Less Secret

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Those of you that have Funcom’s upcoming modern-day MMO The Secret World firmly on your radar will most likely wanna check out this new video that delivers a unique glimpse into the starter experience for new players. Through exclusive new footage and developer interviews, viewers get an idea of what locations they will visit, what characters they will meet and what gameplay mechanics they will get to play around with if they start out as a Templars character in London. In The Secret World players can choose to begin as a Templars, Illuminati or Dragon character and depending on what secret society you choose, you either begin in New York, Seoul or London. Again, the newly released video focuses on the starter experience for a Templars character in London.

“It feels great being able to show the world some of the exciting stuff that we are working on,” says Senior Producer and Game Director Ragnar Tørnquist. “It might only be scratching the surface of the vast universe of ‘The Secret World’, but this video gives a unique glimpse into what Templars players will experience when they first enter the game. We look forward to revealing even more soon, not only about the Illuminati and Dragon secret societies, but the game and the world as a whole.”

You can check out the video right here and once you do, be sure to let us know how your thoughts on The Secret World.


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