Monday, December 18

Blacklight Patch Released, Fixes Spawn Camping

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If you’ve been turned off by spawn campers in UTV Ignition’s Blacklight: Tango Down then you might be happy to know that the publisher today released an XBLA and PC update for the downloadable shooter to address the issue. The patch adds several new features and addresses said spawn issues, round times, matchmaking and while making several other tweaks to the game.

In addition, the update also resets the time limit for the trial version of the game, allowing everyone to experience all the new features for themselves, including players who previously downloaded the trial version. The update goes live today for XBLA and PC users, and will be included in the PlayStation Network release set to launch within the next few weeks. The PC update also includes the addition of Steam updates for players with Steam accounts.

“The entire team took fan feedback and critique to heart and constructed the update to specifically address their concerns,” said Jared Gerritzen, Lead Designer at Zombie Studios. “As one of the summer’s top XBLA downloads, we’re really happy with the way fans have been enjoying the game, and we’ll continue to make sure players are having the best online experience possible.”

“What we have always tried to do from the outset with Tango Down is rewrite the rules for DLG’s” added Marcus Beer, PR Director for UTV Ignition Entertainment. “By listening to player feedback and releasing this second free update, we are showing our commitment to gamers that we will continue to support and improve the game, which is not something that often happens with downloadable games.”

As the press release puts it, players who were once frustrated by spawn campers will find relief as the update includes an increased spawn invincibility time to prevent enemies from making easy kills. Nice. Additionally, the update improves matchmaking times as it brings gamers into the action faster than ever before. These, in addition to dozens of additional fixes, aim to give fans a deeper, richer and more streamlined experience with the summer’s best-selling XBLA shooter which sold over 100,000 copies in its first 3 weeks on release.

So, does this update change the way you feel about Blacklight: Tango Down? Camp out in the comments to let your fellow gamers know how you feel…


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