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How To Recycle Wine Corks Into Nice Crafts

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During this season we all get a lot of wine and champagne corks and if we save them we can make a lot of easy and nice crafts out of them.
Recycling materials into nice and useful things only depends on ideas, but we aren’t all gifted on creativity the reason why we need help and tips on how to do it.
I gathered a small number of links that will show you several ways to upcycle waste corks making interesting and useful items. Some of those uses require a lot of corks and if you don’t have enough, start to save them and ask friends and family to keep them for you.
There are also some projects that can be made by kids and we all know that the holidays are coming and it’s good to have ideas to keep them busy. Watch all the cool tutorials linked here so that you can start your cork craftiness!

How to make a wine cork bath mat
This bath mat requires just three materials: shelf liner, hot glue, and 175 wine corks.

Wine Cork Board
It is extremely easy to make, but you will need a ton of wine corks.

For the Home: Wine-Cork Ornaments
super-simple cork Christmas-tree ornaments

Make Eco-Friendly Coasters From Recycling Corks
Rather than toss discarded wine bottle corks into the garbage bin, use them as eco-friendly materials for this great DIY project.

Stick a Cork in It
Brilliant use of discarded wine-bottle corks! you can use them as page-holders to prop up recipe cards when cooking.

Make Your Own Fishing Rod
with a bamboo garden stake and using some old wine corks for the handle

Recycled Luna Lovegood Cork Necklace
It is extremely easy to make and is also a great way to recycle an old wine cork.

Wine Cork Place Card Holders
Looking for a craft project for those wine corks you’ve been saving all these years?

How to Reuse Old Wine Corks
this article will show you several ways you can reuse them!

Getting Crafty With Cork
Here are 7 creative uses for cork stoppers.

Get Framed
Make a photo-frame with your used corks

Cute Little Cork Stamps
Draw your design on one end of your cork using a Sharpie or try carving on the side of the cork for larger stamps

Corky Characters
ooking to keep your kids’ imaginations occupied when the weather outside is frightful? Grab some wine corks, colored paperclips, markers and a pair of needle-nose pliers (googly eyes are optional).

Upcycled Wine Corks – Wine Cork Trivet
Whether you’re parking wine bottles to breathe or resting hot pans or dishes, this wine bottle trivet will stylishly protect the surface beneath.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Recycled Wine Cork Bracelets
collection of bracelets with slices of wine corks

Wine Cork Craft Project Instructions
There are all sorts of fun projects you can make with wine corks, perfect for holiday and gift giving!

How to Make a Wine Cork Garland
Save the corks to make festive garland for your own Christmas tree or to decorate a tree for any wine lover.

korknisse and cork raft – A cute project!

Cork Recycling For Art – One Billion Corks! (Flickr Group)

Creative way to recycle cork


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