Tuesday, December 12

Keys to Successful Dating And Relationships

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Dating can be a tough job in today’s complex world. However, dating does not have to be a torture. It is actually a lot less complicated than we think. Yes, it seems that it is difficult to find out right away whether or not the person you are dating is right for you. However, there is a sure way to know after only a couple of dates.

The number one reason why couples break up is because both partners have not been entirely honest with each other about their expectations in a relationship. Sometimes people do not know themselves well enough to make an educated decision about what is best for them.

Desperation is also a big factor when it comes to mate selection. Sometimes we are so desperate to be in a relationship that we overlook the warning signs. We may initially forgive our partner for a lot of wrongdoing, only to discover later that we cannot accept them as they are.

Divorces and break- ups are tough on people. They destroy you emotionally and financially. Sometimes physical harm is envolved as well. All of us would like to know how we can know right away whether or not a person is right for us.

The best way to learn about another person is to be honest and upfront with them from the start. Do not hide who you are. Expose yourself for the person that you really are and notice the reaction of your date. If they smile and understand, that means that they may be the right person for you. However, if they do not approve of you, that is a sign that they will later expect you to change. Do not stay in a relationship with a person who will not accept you for who you are. Every person is special and deserves to be treated in a wonderful manner. You are no different.

When you show up on a first date, simply be yourself. Dress in a way that you would dress on a regular basis. Do not try to impress your date too much. Be honest about your needs and desires. Talk about the difficult topics. Discuss money, past relationships, family, and the future. I know that the traditional rules of dating tell you to do otherwise. However, in order to save yourself the aggrevation later, honesty is an absolute must. It is not negotiable. If you notice that your date does not wish to share the intimate details about themselves with you, it is also a sign that they are not looking for the same honesty in a relationship as you are. Do not go out with them again.


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