Wednesday, December 13

A Great Book That Teaches You About Seo And Google: 50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website

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50 Ways to Make Google Love your Website is a book written by two SEO pros from Search Johnston, that know all about SEO and how Google works. It is a book that is very useful for those who want to learn the basics in SEO, for several reasons:

– It only mentions so called White Hat-techniques, meaning techniques that are approved of Google, and won’t get your website into any trouble with them.

– It doesn’t make Google seem simple (which it is NOT!), and it doesn’t teach you any guaranteed secret tricks that will get you to the top of Google, which really is a sign of a deep and serious knowledge of SEO.

– It does teach you simple ways to improve your ranking on Google, and it explains all the commonly used SEO techniques you should know of, as well as some of the vocabulary some SEO people use.

– It explains why Google is the most important out of all search engines, which is a very basic thing you need to be aware of if you want to do anything online.

– I can highly recommend this book for those who have no previous experience in SEO, since it will teach you all the basics quite effectively, and you will also be able to continue learning about SEO, for instance by reading different SEO blogs, after you have read this book, since it will teach you all the vocabulary you need to know.

If you already have some knowledge in SEO, though, this book might be a bit too basic, since it doesn’t really share a lot of new knowledge for those who have already been working in the SEO field for a while.


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