Monday, December 11

Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas

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I have received quite a few presents in that time and I have had many friends who have gotten many Christmas gifts from their girlfriends.  Having seen personally and second hand how many guys view the gifts they get I can give you ladies out there looking for boyfriend Christmas gift ideas for 2010 some pretty good ideas on what your boyfriend may like for Christmas, and what he may not like.

Cute Presents

Don’t do it ladies.  Most guys do not like funny and cute shirts, mugs and gee gaws.  If we do we want to buy them for ourselves.  Your guy will probably pretend to like them but chances are you want him to REALLY like it.  Your boyfriend may laugh when he see ‘s a LOLCAT t-shirt, but chances are very good that he does not want to wear one.


Guys love gadgets.  This is almost a universal truth.  Gadgets make wonderful guys gifts.

There is a very important factor to consider when deciding on your guys gadgets though.  If your boyfriend REALLY knows an area avoid buying presents for that area without having an input from you boyfriend. 

Let me give a concrete example of this for you.  I love computers.  I know EXACTLY what I want when it comes to computer gadgets.  Anyone who buys me a computer gadget without real strong input is running a risk.  But I AM NOT a car or a photography guy.  Any sort of car gadget (GPS etc.) or Photography gadget would just blow me away and seem really cool.

Sports Stuff

Not every guy is a huge fan.  If you do not know your guys favorite “team” he does not have one.  But if you can actually rattle off stats for the season that the Giants are having solely based on being around your boyfriend, guess what?  You have fallen into gift giving heaven.  You can get him just about anything you want and if it has a team logo on it you are instantly transported to being the world’s coolest girlfriend.  If you really like the team also and enjoy watching the games too, it just makes you that much cooler.


Many guys are practical.  If you boyfriend has an apartment and has a washing machine that only works part time, he will appreciate a new washing machine.  Things like grills and tools can sometimes bring out a guy’s inner caveman and will often be appreciated even if he is not particularly handy.  The only thing to watch out for here is if he IS particularly handy.  Just like with gadgets when really is an expert in this realm he may have very specific things that he wants and desires.  You might get him a Sawzall  that is great for us mere mortals but does not nearly have enough amps for the one of “his dreams”.

After all of this discussion about what guys really want for Christmas let me lay one final bit of truth on you.  Despite everything I have said here most guys are really softies.  Treat you man decently, make him feel like he is important and the king of YOUR universe and you will give him the greatest present he could wish for.


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