Saturday, December 16

Simple Ways to Make Other People Feel Good

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If others around us feel good, it usually benefits us as well. It creates a good atmosphere, and makes it easier to work together, live together or just to have fun together. Making clients feel good can also be very lucrative for business.

But how do you actually go about making other people feel good? Here are some suggestions:

– Compliment.

Everyone loves getting compliments, so if you see something you like on or around the person you want to make feel good, tell them! Just make sure the compliment is sincere, since no compliment is better than a non-sincere compliment!

– Listen.

Everyone needs to be listened to. Make sure you listen to them when they want to talk.

– Show genuine interest.

You can make someone feel better simply by caring about what matters to them. So ask questions and be genuinely interested in their latest project, their latest partner, or whatever it is that is going on in their life right now.

– Encourage them.

We all need encouragement from time to time, so if you spot someone needing a push in the right direction, give it to them! It can make all the difference!

– Smile at them.

Smiling is contagious. And smiling automatically makes us feel better.

– Make them laugh.

Laughing is like smiling, only stronger. See above.

– Give them an unexpected gift.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it can be something small that made you think of them, or something you think they would really like or need. Remember that it is the thought, and not the price, that counts!

Besides all these suggestions, you might also want to think of more individual ways to cheer someone up. While the ways mentioned above work for pretty much everyone, there are also tons of other ways to cheer others up, depending on their personality. So be genuine and honest, and think of something that works for your friend or loved one!


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