Friday, December 15

The Reason Your Blog Does Not Get Enough Visitors

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Blogging isn’t easy. It is competitive, hard work and there is always more to be done when you are running a blog. This is why it can be extremely depressing if you spend a lot of time on your blog, only to notice that you aren’t really getting any visitors.

But did you know that most blogs that do not get enough visitors actually have quite a few things in common? Check this list to see if your blog meets any of these criterias, in order to see how you can improve your blog!

You only write about yourself.

You might think that you are the most interesting person out there, but few people who do not even know you will probably think the same. So try not to be too personal on your blog, since this will maybe make your friends and family read your blog, but probably not anyone else.

You copy content from somewhere.

Why would anyone want the copy, when the original is available? Always write your own content!

Your blog is not original.

If your blog looks like a million other blogs, most people will probably go for one of those other million blogs instead. Make your blog stand out, and you will be more noticeable!

You don’t update enough.

Readers like fresh content, so blogs that are rarely updated are more likely to be forgotten. Update often, and you will get more visitors.

You never visit other blogs.

If people visit your blog, and maybe even write comments in it, do the same for them. It is only polite and it will make other bloggers like you, and hopefully read your blog again.

You are not interested in what you are writing about.

Passion cannot be faked, and passion is the best way to get readers. So always choose a topic you are seriously interested in.

So what do you say? Is any of the reasons mentioned above true for your blog? If so, you need to do something about that now!



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