Friday, December 15

How to Look Good In Pictures

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If your lucky enough to be photogenic, thats great! If your not, it’s okay some of us aren’t. Here are some great ways to come close. 

Wear Flattering Clothes

You don’t want to wear anything that will make you look or feel awkward. You don’t want anything to grab too much attention away from you either. Stay away from big and colorful patterns. Wear something simple but not boring. 

Remain Calm and Relaxed

Looking tense is the worst. It can come out really ugly and awkward. Relax you shoulders and roll your neck around a few times. Don’t be too stiff, either. 

Angles and Positions 

Figure out your best side or angle. A position that makes you look good or is most natural. As long, as you aren’t feeling awkward, it should be fine. 

Landscape and Background

Have a sweet and beautiful background. Don’t let random people ruin your pictures and know what is around. It can make a difference.


Your smile should be natural. Let your natural smile shine! Don’t pout or force it. Let your eyes express yourself. 

With these simple tips you can improve your skills. Maybe it will bring you closer to being photogenic. Remeber to be natural! 

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