Tuesday, December 12

Seven Things You Should Do, Before Starting a Diet

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1. Buy yourself a scale

Most people will tell you that you should not weigh yourself too often because you risk stumbling into figures. But if you do not weigh how do you know what progress you made? Grab a highly accurate electronic scales, indicating even hundreds of grams. Thus, you’ll know even if you only loose lets say, half of kilo, and this will give you an extra motivation.

2. Paste photos on a refrigerator

If you want to come back to the weight of youth, look for a picture of you at that time and paste it on your fridge with a more recent one. The difference between how you used to look and how you look will motivate to stay away from your fridge .

During the diet you can take more shots periodically to see that progress, pasting them beside the others.

3. Get used to the diet food 

Soups and salads are your best ally in the fight against weight. But if you’re not the type who loves a salad or soup, it will probably be difficult in the first weeks of treatment. So start to get used to as of now, experimenting with different recipes. Diet is much easier when you eat something you like.

4. Make a plan

If you fail to plan is like you plan to fail. Think from now on when you tend to eat forbidden things  and find strategies to outwit your appetite. If you do excesses at noon, when hunger drives you to the bakery on the corner, it means that you need a packet every day. What could you put in it? If you empty the fridge every night means that you have to eat more throughout the day. Make a plan for each and every situation where you could go wrong.

5. Announce your close relatives

If you are accustomed to eat much in the company of hungry friends , it’s clear that they should be notified of your plans. Tell them you’re really determined to lose weight and that you need their help. So you will not even be jokingly invited to a huge cake. And who knows, maybe even convince someone to join you. Diet in the two is more efficient and easy to keep.

6. Fill the fridge

To lose weight should not empty the fridge, but to fill it, but with healthy foods: vegetables, fruit, yogurt, seeds and nuts. So when you feel the need to crunch some have several healthy options and fewer calories.

7. Establish a realistic goal

If you do not want to rely on the scale, if you choose an old pair of pants that you would like to fit or a dress in which you want to look better. Whatever your goal, be careful to be realistic. If you set a goal to lose five kilograms in a week’s clear that you’ll be disappointed and give up quickly on a diet. Five pounds in a month sounds a lot easier and more realistic. And if you go on a clothes hunt, do not expect to get fit jeans like in in high school.


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