Thursday, December 14

War in Afganistan And American Poverty

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The war in the Middle East has taken away many resources from the United States of America. I am not sure why our government feels the need to keep fighting this pointless war. I understand that the Middle East does have a number of political problems to conquer. However, the United States is not in a position to resolve these issues single-handedly.

The United States is struggling to keep it’s own economy afloat. The government should focus on fixing the broken school system, paying off debt, and saving the social security fund. The United States should also invest more money into research and national security.

In my opinion, a defensive tactic would be th best choice for the United States at this time. We cannot change the world until we take care of our own country first. We also need to ask more help of other nations. The world is one large community and we need to start acknowledging this fact. Until we do so, there will be no world peace and poverty will dominate many regions of the world.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring peace to the Middle East by making war there. The United States makes itself look like a villain by participating in this massive killing of innocent people. Not everyone in the Middle East agrees with the traditions of this region. However, many innocent people are too scared and too poor to make changes in their lives.

The United States needs to be patient. Our government needs to gain economic strength first and later find other countries that would help make permanent changes in the Middle East. Ultimately, the country with the most stable economic condition will be able to rule the world. The American government has to make sure that the United States is that country.


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