Tuesday, December 12


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Tramadol hydrochloride (brand names Ultram, Tramal, and some others) is a drug prescribed by doctors who do not want to prescribe an effective, but possibly addictive, pain reliever. Tramadol is a synthetic copy of codeine and, like codeine, it binds to what is called a μ-opioid receptor. It sounds like it ought to work. It does not. Maybe that is because it only binds to one opioid receptor and other “opiate agonists”, which is what these compounds are called, bind to two receptors.

Whatever the reason for its inactivity, this drug is worthless. It has no effect on pain. Some Websites have user comments about various drugs. When you look at the first few comments about Tramadol, they are all raves. They call it a miracle and say it freed them from years of pain. Dig deeper, though, and you find one comment after another saying this drug had no effect whatsoever. It makes me wonder if the rave reviews were actually planted by the manufacturer. Neither I nor anyone else I know who has taken it has found to reduce pain by even a small amount. Over-the-counter Tylenol is much better.

Tramadol is similar in molecular structure to Effexor, which is another worthless placebo being foisted on us as a pain reliever. After they were prescribed and I tried them, I had bottles of both these drugs in my cabinet for a long time. I finally threw them away. My wife was on a prescription for Vicodin for a couple of years because of pain in her neck caused by a malformed disc. The clinic decided they would not prescribe it anymore because it can be addictive. And they gave her the useless drug, Tramadol. What difference does it make if a dependence on a drug is formed by a 64-year-old woman in constant pain? People who are not in pain have so little tolerance and understanding of someone who is. I understand that, but doctors are not supposed to conduct their medical practice that way.


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