Monday, December 18

Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks Wanted by Interpol

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It has been announced today; on 1st of December 2010 by Interpol that Julian Assange is prime suspect in rape. The crime is said to have happened in Sweden. Swedish courts are ones t hat asked for this international warrant to be issued.

Though, Interpol issued its warrant only today, the investigation is going on since August. Assange was present in Sweden during that time and two Swedish women, supposed victims accused him of sexual harassment and rape shortly afterwards.

This news is surprising to many, yet a lot of people expected something similar to happen, because of work done by Wikileaks. It was only the matter of time before some accusations came out. The whole controversy surrounding this case is even broadened by Assange’s claims. He claims to be innocent and that this is a trial orchestrated to discredit him. Nothing about this case is entirely clear as many powerful countries (and people) would benefit from damaging Assange’s trustworthiness thus also lowering the popularity and influence of Wikileaks in long run.

On the other hand, Julian Assange is also just a human being. As such, he is viable to commit crime and to lie trying to protect his own skin. Indeed, it is hard to choose whom to side with.

Conspiracy theory around this case is very frightening too. After all, the freedom of speech and our right to be informed of actions of our governments are in stake. Sure, secret information is protected by laws. Masses are forbidden from knowing it. However, we have right to know what our elected representatives and people appointed for offices by those representatives, are doing in the name of our country. After all, knowing the truth of NATO’s armies’ actions, mistakes and misdeeds towards local civilians does not threaten security of any country (after all it is not even similar thing as for exam ple making nuclear launch codes public). It only threatens the reputation of people responsible for those actions. Most of all, victims of any government’s actions deserve that the world at least knows of the wrongs done against them.

That being said, many of Assange’s fans will give him their moral support during this hard period of his life. As for me, I choose to side with no one. I am skeptical towards both sides. Though, I am too cautious to trust Assange’s claims, I also know that I will not trust the courts if they find him guilty. This is so, because manufacturing false evidence is easy for those with unlimited access to case files (police). The other reason is that police usually serves the agenda of the country and its allies. If there is the “need” to discredit or imprison someone, they do it regardless of political system or his innocence.

To conclude, the news that Julian Assange is wanted for rape surprised me. Though, it sounds like a good cover-up to discredit the man without raising too much attention. On the other hand, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of his guilt. So, the only true and undeniable fact remains that he is wanted by Interpol now.


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