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Panic Disorder Symptoms – How to Eliminate It

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When you are faced with a panic attack episode, you feel a significant change in your life based on fear and anxiety. It is an uncomfortable feeling that does not allow you to live a normal life especially if it is left untreated for a long time. Take note that these attacks can be very similar to a heart disease that leads to heart attacks. The symptoms are the same, with slight differences of course. Because of these attacks, it is important that you are able to learn more about the treatments of panic disorder symptoms.

The difficult thing about having attacks is that they are usually triggered by just about anything. This also means that they could occur wherever you are and at no specific time. Most people would say that these attacks could be incorporated to specific places they are in or while doing specific activities which usually make them feel they shouldn’t be doing anything at all. You will know that you are having an attack episode when you start feeling shortness of breath, unbearable fear of death, palpitation, cold flashes, and chest pains.

One condition that you should be careful of is called agoraphobia. This condition happens when you frequently have attacks and had obtained a constant fear of leaving your home. You mind that you are beginning to associate places which you believe will promote another attack so avoiding these places would seem like a logical thing to do. When you feel that this phobia is taking control, seek treatment as soon as possible.

Many treatment options are available for panic disorder symptoms. Because the disorder is rooted in a chemical imbalance, psychotherapy is often used to address the disease. Regular sessions combined with medications have been proven to be effective. Some doctors also prescribe breathing exercises as a natural alternative, which has been helpful for some patients.

While inside forces might be triggering these attacks, outside forces may also contribute to it. It is best to veer away from caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as these substances might help you become more agitated. Drugs and alcohol are known to be depressants while too muh caffeine might contribute to a restless heart and shortness of breath.

In addition to veering away from the substances listed above, it is also recommended that the patient indulge in activities that will help them relax. Yoga, boxing, tennis and surfing these are just some sporty activities that will help the patient recover from panic attacks. Regular bouts of this will surely keep the patient away from feeling these life-stopping symptoms. 

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