Tuesday, December 12

Rihanna Infamous Critic in The Network

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R’n’B singer Rihanna (RihannaNow.com) said that women who criticize it on the Internet for being too sexy, are unhappy.
Barbadosdark-skinned, which is known for his outlandish appearances on stage and his bizarre fashion preferences, is proud of her body.
She said girls who criticize it on the network are liers.
“People think I’m too sexy. It bothers them for certain reasons. Girls do not like other girls who look good.
Not that I want to offend you on this issue. There will always be someone who does not like you. People are pretty crazy post on various issues. Things that I say things that I wear, the places where I go. But this is just silly, “said 22-year-old star.

People are liars. They only await the moment to say something awful. Most of them are simply unhappy. These are women who hate other women. You just have to look at your own life, “added beauty.
Although its critics in the network in January angry singer of What’s my name is willing to accept that the whole sexy image might infuriate people.
But she is determined not to change their behavior or their style of dress to satisfy somebody else’s opinion.
“Even if it irritates them that show more neck or emphasize your buttocks with tight shorts, it will not stop. I will dress and behave in the way that makes me feel happy with myself,” she said .


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