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Mallorca – What Is There To See by Bus?

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I love travelling. My favorite way of transport is the bus. Some might say that I am crazy but I will straight away say that this is the most comfortable way of traveling. Bus tours are gaining popularity very fast and there are numerous reasons for that – they are very comfortable and cheap. They are a good transportation for families with children as well. In this article, I will take you on a bus tour to Mallorca.

Mallorca – the first thing that comes to our minds when we hear this name are the great and beautiful beaches. In fact, Mallorca is famous not only with its beaches but also with it history, its culture, the beauty of its nature and all the amusements it gives.

In the 1960’s tourists from all over the world come to this place and since then it has become a great attraction. However, the tools and pottery that were discovered there show that the island was inhabited 1000 BC. We can find there many ruins like those in Ses Salines and Ses Paisses de Arta. The Romans were those who built roads and towns there and they input Christianity. The location of Mallorca is really good and it helped trade to develop and increase. Even in those hard times when its capital, Pollentia was destroyed and the country was under Muslim rule, Mallorca succeeded in developing of its trade. Later, despite the destruction of many buildings, it proceeded growing up. In the 16th century there appeared huge crisis and many people died due to the plague. In the 19th century, shipping trade with the Indies was established and the first railway was built. Nowadays it is a democratic country with heritage well preserved and with increasing tourism.

If we want to take a bus trip around Mallorca, it is best to begin with its capital, known as Palma de Mallorca. Its wonderful bay, Bahia de Palma will surely charm everyone. Other beaches with crystal water and golden sands are El Molinar, El Portixol, Can Pastilla, Illetas, etc.

Another great landmark is the mountain range with the name- Sierra de Tramuntana which is in the North-East part. As we walk from Andraitx we see the Puigpunyent and its cultures of olive trees and almonds. Then we see Deia – a nice village with beautiful nature and famous cemetery. Not so far away from it we reach Sa Calobra famous with its monastery called Lluc that is situated on a very high peak of Mallorca. Pollença is also a wonderful place with a great panorama. It is renowned for its museum full of paintings and arts from the medieval period. Here we can visit the castle Castell del Rei, Puig de Maria sanctuary, the Calvary Mountain. Near Pollença we find the medieval town Alcudia with its church and Roman Theatre.

As we talk about Mallorca we cannot forget to mention Manacor which is one of the biggest towns on the Balearic Islands. It is well-known for its production of glass and furniture and its Archaeological Museum. If you have the time and wish to travel by bus in order to see beautiful places, Mallorca is the best place. It gives a variety of opportunities to everyone – from sightseeing to having great parties.

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