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The High's And Low's of Liverpool Football Club

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The Success and downfalls of Liverpool Football Club and how was it created.


LFC, known was Liverpool Football Club, is one of the most famous football clubs around the world. This club was founded by a brilliant club chairman called John Houlding and his loyalty to the club has created the world’s best players. Success was and still is a huge part of LFC. Throughout the years, they have won many titles from winning their domestic cups to winning the European Cup or known as UEFA Champions League. Liverpool’s current manager is RafialBenitez who took control in 2004.Liverpool is the leading English club to have won the European Cup. There latest European cup in was in 2005 which took their tally to 5 wins. (LFC Story,1). Although Liverpool have been a very successful club, but the Liverpool club and their supporters have witnessed two horrific tragedies (Stephen Done, 1), The Heysel disaster stadium and Hillsborough. The best day for LFC without a doubt, was in 2005 where LFC won their 2005 European cup (LFC Story, 1).

Everton and Liverpool used to share Anfield stadium but in 1892, Everton left Anfield, but a loyal man called John Houlding who was the club chair man stayed. He only had “three first team players and a handful of supporters (LFC Story, 1). He named this new team called “Liverpool”. Since then, LFC has created some of the most magnificent players in the world like Steven Gerrad, Jamie Carragher and many other football legends.    

The Hillsborough disaster, which is strongly remembered by not only by the Liverpool’s fans, but many families who have lost their loved ones in this terrible incident. It was the FA cup semi-final in April 15 1989 where 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives in the Hillsborough Stadium. (LFC Story, 1). Over 25,000 supporters traveled to Hillsborough Stadium. The match was between Liverpool vs. Nottingham Forrest. “This match was supposed to be a great day for both soccer clubs but it turned out to be the most horrific sport disaster the English game has ever witnessed”(LFC,1). Kevin Dalglish, who was the LFC manager at that time, shares his thoughts about the heartbreaking match, “I will never, never forget 15 April, 1989. I cannot even think of the name Hillsborough, cannot even say the word, without so many distressing memories flooding back. I find it very difficult to write about Hillsborough, where terrible mistakes by the authorities, both police and football, ended with 96 of our supporters dead. The memory will remain with me for the rest of my life”(LFC Story,1). It has been said that the poor mismanagement from the police authorities. The Liverpool supporters were given the Leppings Lane end of the ground. “The inquiry into the disaster led by Lord Chief Justice Taylor established that main cause was a failure of police crowed control”(How the Hillsborough disaster happened, 1).

 It was 14:30 pm, where it was a sunny day and the Liverpool fans started to enter the football stadium and had to enter their stand which was the Leppings Lane through the narrow turnstiles. At around 14:50, the Leppings Lane was becoming full and thousands of fans were waiting outside to get in. At around 14:52, the police authorities opened gate C so the Liverpool supporter outside could get in the stadium faster and watch the match because the kick off was about to start. The over 2,000 eager fans dashed in the gate C and through the narrow turnstiles and pushed and pushed people who were in front of them. The Leppings Lane was already over flowed with Liverpool supporters and 2,000 plus were pushing their was in, which caused a massive crush which stole the lives of 96 supporters. In that time, there was a fence to keep the supporters from invading the football pitch, so the fans could not escaped the crush and that’s why football stadiums today don’t have fencing in their stadium. At 15:06, a police officer ran to the referee to stop the match and later the match was abandoned (how the Hillsborough happened, 1, 2, and 3). This day was supposed to be a great match, a great day for LFC but I turned out to be the darkest day Liverpool has ever witnessed. Every year in April 15, there is a memorial service day, where the Liverpool fans and staff remember those who have passed away.

Although Hillsborough was probably the most horrific day Liverpool had witnessed, The Heysel Disaster affected the club the most. It was May 29 1985 and it was the European Cup final and Liverpool was the defending champions after beating AS Roma last year. It was Liverpool Vs Juventus in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. Liverpool fans and Juventus fans were ready to watch their team getting a chance to lift Europe’s most prestigious Cup in Europe. There were many reasons and causes for this terrible tragedy. “Overcrowding, the tickets that were sold were for than the actual capacity of the stadium. Some Liverpool supporters were Drunk and some Juventus fans threw objects at the Liverpool supporters which caused a huge fight. The police management was very poor and only 5 police were guarding the stadium which was nowhere near the amount of police required controlling the crowed. Juventus fans threw objects at the Liverpool fans which caused the Liverpool fan to retaliate and right back. Many people were later found to be drunk and some didn’t even know what had happened (The Main Reasons for the tragedy,6) .” unable to escape, the crowed fled towards the far wall, which collapsed under the mounting pressure and killed a few fans”(LFC Story, 1). In the end, 39 Juventus supporters had been killed and 600 injured.” Gerald McKinley, a Liverpool fan who was at Heysel but not involved in the rioting said, Heysel was almost certainly going to happen because no one, no one, seemed capable of stopping the violence” (BBC).  UEFA in the end banned Liverpool from competing in the European cup for 4 years and banned all English clubs for 3 years.

Wining the UEFA Champions league in 2005 was the greatest day for Liverpool Football Club.  It was Liverpool Vs Ac Milan. Ronnie Maron who was the coach at that time, shares his insights, “we’d lost the FA cup final, the pervious Saturday, and everyone was disappointed about that, not just the players. We had the big game in Rome on the Wednesday, so it was a matter of pulling our heads up, which is why we got a good result (LFC Story, 2). A goal from Paolo Maldini and two goals from hernanCrespo made its 3-0 to Milan. Liverpool needs 4 goals to win. “Steven Gerrard (LFC player 1998 – present): “Milan had played the ball so quickly and so fluently and cleverly that we were lucky to be 3-0 down at half time. It took a lot out of us chasing their shadows because we could not get near them”(LFC Story,1). Liverpool fought back hard and thanks to brilliant goals by Rise, Xabi Alonso and smicer scored and made it 3-3. 90 minutes was passed and it was time for penalties. JerzyDudek, who was the goal keeper for Liverpool, was a very intelligent and quick goal keeper. Football Legends believed he was one of the best goal keepers in the world. Thanks to his brilliant single handed save, Liverpool had won it. From 3-0 to win the match was amazing.

Overall, Liverpool has been a very successful English club over the years, winning the European Cup more than any English club in the history of the game. They have won FA cups to winning the Barclay’s English Premier League which is regarded as the best Club Football League in the world. Although the Liverpool supporters and team have had a lot to cheer and be proud about, they have witnessed and been in a part of some of the most tragic sport events the world has ever seen. Hillsborough and Heysel Disasters is still remembered today and these disasters are regarded as the worst sport disaster in England’s History. Liverpool, in the 2008/2009 season, has been exceptional and has played brilliant football, beating their archrivals Manchester United, Everton and Chelsea. Lead from their Inspirational captain Steven Gerrad and their Loyal Coach Rafa Benitz, Liverpool Football Club almost won the Primer League once again but Manchester United won because they had a few more points. Liverpool are a team who are always looking more ways to improve and add great youth players I believe there is many more trophies for Liverpool to come. 


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