Thursday, December 14

On School – 10 Quotes Worth Repeating

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Who says school is boring? With these kind of sarcasm and nitwitted comments, you’ve wonder why people actually say its no fun being at school. Those crazy kids.

  1. “Chinese is easy. You don’t have past tense, present tense and all the declinations. So how can anyone fail Chinese?” – Chinese Teacher, on why we shouldn’t fail Mandarin.

  2. “I always tell my students, ‘There’s nothing wrong with failing physics. We need people to scrub toilets and make us dinner.’ ‘ – A Physics Teacher, on Academic Failures

  3. “Some people come to school just to get scolded by teachers, others come here to scold the teachers.” – The Principal, on disrespecting teachers

  4. “It’s not my fault he has hairy armpits! He was asking to be laughed at if he changed in front of everyone.” – Student, on why he got into a fight.

  5. “If you can put iron (III) oxide as coke brown, I don’t see why can’t you write lead (II) oxide as mustard yellow.” – On colours of inorganic compound.

  6. “God bless me.” – Scribbled on an otherwise blank Literature test paper.

  7. “Ach, Condom. Es ist ‘das Condom’. (It is ‘das Condom’). But it doesn’t count, since it’s technically not a clothing, but an accessory.” -German Teacher, on clothing and gender of noun.

  8. “I don’t care if Mr Ral* is gay. I don’t care who he sleeps with if he teaches well.”

    “And if he can’t?”

    “We will end his sex life.” -Overheard

  9. “Cut your hair or I’d do it for you. There’s a very good reason why I am a teacher with pen and not a coiffeur with a scissors.” – On why hair must be cut.

  10. “No, you’re not allowed any more visits to the John. However, you may use rubber band here.” -To a male student.

And the bonus, “F grades don’t talk to me” – Maths teacher, on class results.


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