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Ebay Do's And Don'ts

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Ebay is one of the world’s biggest online market places. Everyday hundreds of thousands of items are bought and sold all over the planet. However if you are new to Ebay it can all seem very daunting. So now we will have a look at a few simple Do’s and Don’ts that should make your Ebay experience a fun and positive one.

There are two aspects to Ebay. Buying and Selling. Which ever one you are taking part in there are important things to remember.

Buying – When you are looking to purchase an item it’s important to carefully check the item listing. Don’t scroll down and then rush into a bid. Read the listing carefully and make sure you know exactly what you are bidding on. Look at any pictures on the listing and if you are unsure send the seller a message requesting more pictures. Any descriptions that seem vague or skirt round the issues can be dangerous, if you are unsure of any details you should message the seller and ask him to confirm the specifics. Do this in a friendly but formal manner, don’t be rude and demanding otherwise you may not get a reply.

When bidding it’s important to remember you can be outbid by others. Have in mind what price you want to pay and don’t go over that price. It’s easy to get carried away in a bidding war and you can end up paying way over the odds for something. Leaving the bidding till the last minutes is a popular method of bidding as it means other do not have time to outbid you. Take care when entering your bidding amount and don’t withdraw your bids unless you have made an error in entering your maximum bid. Remember withdrawing bids will reflect badly on you as a user.

Always make sure how much the postage on an item is. Some people will charge sensible prices but a few may charge you way over the odds and when you have won the item you are then in a legally binding contract to pay for the item and the postage. When you have won an item make sure you pay promptly and if for any reason there is any delay you should contact the seller and let them know.

When you receive your item, if you are happy with it, always leave positive feedback. Be gracious and explain why you were happy with the transaction. If you are not happy with your item don’t leave feedback before contacting the seller. Always try communicating with sellers first and resolving the problem this way, leaving poor feedback should only be a last resort. If you do leave negative feedback, do not be rude or offensive, simply state the reason for leaving poor feedback.

Selling – When you list an item on Ebay it’s important to make sure you don’t mislead people. Be honest about your item and it’s condition. Take pictures that give potential buyers a clear understanding of what they are buying and what condition it is in. If you are asked questions about your item, respond quickly and try and be as helpful as possible.

It’s important to make sure you list your item correctly. Make sure it’s in the correct category and that your title is spelt correctly and attracts attention. Doing research will help you with this, check other listing to see how people are selling similar items to the one you wish to list. Doing this can also give you an idea of what price to start your listing at. Some people like to start there listings low as this will cost them less to list, but then you run the risk of not getting the money you want for the item. So you may choose to enter a higher starting price that you are happy with, but remember this will cost you more when listing the item.

Research how much postage is going to be. You don’t want to undercharge as this will leave you out of pocket. However if you charge to much then this will damage your rating as the buyer will not give you good marks for postage prices. When you sell your item, make sure you post it quickly. Always obtain proof of postage, if the item goes missing or gets damaged you till then be able to claim compensation. It’s also a good idea to track items when posting. This means if the buyer tells you their item has not been delivered you can check with the post office to make sure they are being truthful.

When your buyer has paid for their item always leave feedback. Thank the buyer and mention how fast they paid for their items. This will encourage the buyer to leave you good feedback in return. If your buyer pays by check, don’t post the item until the cheque has cleared. There is nothing to stop the buyer cancelling their cheque when their item arrives. This is why using Paypal is a sensible option as it gives you some security when either buying or selling items.

Following these simple Do’s and Don’ts should mean you have a great time on this website. Ebay is quite simple to use when you get the hang of it and as long as you are respectful to other users it will be an enjoyable experience for all involved. As the Ebay motto says, ‘Happy Bidding’.


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