Friday, December 15

Car’s Tires – For All Seasons

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One should say that there is a need only for one type of tire. They reckon that this will be sufficient and enough condition for their car to be in order on the road. Moreover, usage of more than one type of wheels is something fully redundant, waste of money and time, something that burden our lives. But, when taking the beneficial factors into consideration, compared with the so-called negative aspects mentioned above, we can safely say that it is better to take the opposite point of view. There are numerous of reasons why I hold on confidence about this opinion of mine, and I will explore a few primary ones of them as follows:

            To begin, the most important thing that we need to examine is the transitions of the seasons. More specifically, it is compulsory to be accounted the fact that in the summer, winter, fall and spring we are observers of dissimilar weather conditions, therefore, I’m fairly sure that with only one type of tires we will create to ourselves a lot of troubles in a particular situation. For example, if our vehicle’s wheels are winter tires, and certainly, they are bought in the winter, then they are only proper for this season unless it is snowy and cold in the area where you leave through the entire year. But if you have the other three seasons, and when the weather softens and becomes warmer, that would be the moment when your tires are threatened by fast erasure and bearing as well as risking to be unstable and dangerous on the road. Proof for these facts is the technology that is used for the creation of the winter tires. In main aspect, it consists of soft compounds that are specialized for lowest temperatures and surfaces covered by ice or snow. Indeed, with those soft grabs we are able to accomplish excellent adhesion on the highway, but only in this weather conditions, otherwise in the season when it is hot, the road is hard, and as a consequence the grabs will become victim of quick erasing and unsteady driving. Similar process can be observed in the summer, but in this case the wheels have firm and solid gripping to ensure that they will be strong enough to endure on high heated asphalt surfaces. As you can easily see, there is no possibility of using only four same tires through the whole year without even one replacing.

As a matter of facts, there are good numbers of causes to fortify my opinion, but I think that what I said in the previous paragraph is quite enough to prove the point. Hence, definitely we have to use different type of tires in the dissimilar seasons, especially in the extreme weather conditions.              


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