Friday, December 15

Making Your Own Christmas Candles

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One more note… be sure to put a sticker on the bottom with the date and the name of the child who made it. You will be putting these on the table every single year and twenty years or so from now, they will be among your most treasured Thanksgiving items!

What You Need

* You can use simple tea lights or votive candles in a Christmas color but I prefer the tea lights. When they burn out, you can simply tip the jar upside down, throw out the used tea light and add a new one. No clean up needed.

* Empty baby food jar… if you don’t have any, simply buy a few of the baby food desserts. I can’t believe how good they taste!

* Tissue paper in Christmas colors

* White craft glue

* Water

* One small plastic bowl for each child

* Paintbrush


1. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. This is one step that you can hand over to the kids.

2. In each bowl, mix one part glue to three parts water. Stir until the glue and water forms a thin white solution.

3. Show each child how to paint the outside of the jar with the glue/water solution and then how to apply little sections of tissue paper, overlapping as you work your way around the jar.  When you have completely covered the jar with tissue paper, paint a second layer of “glue” to seal the paper in place. Allow to dry.  

4. Place candle inside the baby food jar and then light with the aid of a fireplace match (the long ones) That job will be reserved for mom!

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