Monday, December 11

Mynaa Tamil Movie Review

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MYNAA is brilliant. Not simply because of its direction. There are much more aspects in this movie. Be it the performance of the hero or heroin, be it the excellent music composed by the music director, be it the top class cinematography, each such aspect in this movie is strong and competes to each other.

Let us speak about the performance of Vidarth. He is simply a good selection for his character. He is cool and casual in his role and made it easily. His expressions and dialogue deliveries are nice. Especially in climax his brilliance in acting explores very well.

Amala Paul is at her best in this movie. Though she made a wrong movie selection (her first movie is the controversial “Sindhu Samaveli” in which her role is too bad and opposed by audiences), her role in this movie is almost very difficult for such an young actress but she made an easy cat walk throughout her scenes.

For music director Imman I think this is the first village based movie. But his contribution is worth mentioning here. His background music during the forest scenes helps a lot to keep the pace of the movie.

Finally it is Prabu Solomon movie. His earlier movies are critically acclaimed but still did not performed well in box office. I think in this movie he can be proud that it is a commercial success. And mainly the producers of the movie “Red Giant Movies” and “AGS Entertainment:” are the core for its success.

To say a few drawbacks in this movie, it is the story base which is somewhat finds some similarities with the earlier super hit PARUTHIVEERAN but still Prabu Solomon managed to differentiate a lot. In the second half for about ten to fifteen minutes the pace of the movie drags a bit and immediately after the bus scene the pace shoots up and then the movie travels in top gear.

MYNAA is a proof that even with new actors, a good story line makes movies a huge success.


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