Thursday, December 14

Last Minute Christmas Party

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I’m remembering a party that I went to a few years ago. I thought that she was a genius! Here are some of the things that I would copy!

** To make it easy on yourself, make a huge pot of chili and let it simmer away on the stove while you are socializing. Serve with breadsticks or whatever catches your fancy.

* To help set the mood, ask everyone to come in costume… yes, I did say costume! Maybe your favorite Christmas character?? That should start your guests thinking!!

* To make it even more interesting, you could ask everyone to make an ornament of some sort. You might just be amazed at what you receive!! Someone out there has six of my crocheted miniature Christmas stockings!

*Fill your bookshelves with an assortment of old books. If you have some Christmas titles… even better. I don’t seem to touch these books at any other time of the year, but every December I start thumbing through them!

*Wrap a hot cloth around a plain candle to soften the wax and then roll the candle in a little silver glitter. It will stick quite nicely to the candle!

*Take your glass cake preserver and feature some Christmas cookies. They are easy to find and no work for you.

* Pick up a large bag of inexpensive Christmas ornaments that you can use to fill bowls for centerpieces and then place it on the coffee table.

*We are all used to the cheese balls rolled in finely chopped nuts and it makes for an easy snack if you surround it with lots of crackers.

*You could serve wine, but a big pot of hot cider just seems to work and scent the room at the same time!

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