Diy Amazingly Easy Gifts

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Christmas presents do not have to be expensive to cheer those who will receive them. We can easily make beautiful and useful things that will be much appreciated by its uniqueness and creativity. Most of the times ideas just do not come to our minds, but with a little inspiration you can recreate some of these brightening works and personalize them without spending much of your saved money.
Go through these links and you will notice that you will start to envision more than what is shown and that you can change some of these pretty cool designs in fabulous and unique works of your own. These are pretty easy to do and you have still enough time to create a lot of them!
The important thing is to know the how to techniques. Than, go do some other thing and you will start to imagine what to make out of them. Creative moments just happen when we are not thinking much about it. We need some time to assimilate the other ones inventions and our ones will show up suddenly when we less expect it to happen!

Silver Button Blingy Decor Ball
Create a beautiful decorative ball with silverish buttons, glass half marbles and some scrapbook gems using a glue gun.

High Glass
Transform different jars and bottles into an eye-catching collection you can display combining colors

Stamping with scrap paper
This is a very easy way to stamp any paper dressed item. Use it for creating wall art, placemates or nice decorative boxes.

Make Your Own Key Hanger
sheet music and typewriter trends combined to make a nice key hanger

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirrors
I found two plates for 99 cents at Goodwill that fit my taste perfectly.  Add craft mirrors to nice plates to create unique decorative mirrors you can hang with simple plate hangers

The Ruffle Headband
a very simple gathered headband, that will make a great gift.

Holiday Crayon Idea
Why not turn ordinary crayons in to fun holiday shapes with silicone molds?

Better Cloth-Bound Binders
make your own binders with cloth!

How to Make a Topiary Tree
This is a lovely homemade gift, especially if you coordinate the flower colors to suit the decor of the room where it will displayed.

Teacup Lights
Antique teacups that have lost their saucers still make sweet gifts when fitted with candles.

Felt Coasters
These coasters were inspired by snowflakes but you can make any design easily


Suede No-Sew Skirt
If you can sew a button, you can make this awesome skirt!

Charming Locket
Just combine a few applications and glue them

Felt Slippers
The templates for the slippers can be adjusted to fit different shoe sizes.

Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry
Create one-of-a-kind jewelry with this pearl dyeing and stringing process.


Adding Light
Create decorative candles with red puff paint

Decorate office supplies with fabric
Why not turn useful items into beautiful ones?

Stamp Craft
Use this stamp craft to turn ordinary folders, clipboards, bulletin boards, and journals into sophisticated office supplies.

Altered Clipboard
Turn an ordinary clipboard into a work of art and a perfect gift!

how to make a fabric rosette clip
Use the rosette to decorate headbands, purses, shoes, wristwear or anything that comes to your mind!

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