Monday, December 18

Over Clock Your Eee PC [Net Book] to a Jet Book [2.00 Ghz, Multitouch]

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Hello there,

                   I will show you how to speed up your Eee pc and improve its performance…

First of all, you must at least have an Eee PC 900 or higher [Powered by Intel Atom N270].

Over clocking the CPU to 2.00GHz

Step 1:

                Switch on your net book and wait until the Os loads.

Step 2:

                After that connect to the internet and download the program Eeectl (23kb) from  …

Eeectl helps you configure your fan speed, Screen backlight and more…

Step 3:

              After downloading eeectl extract the zip file… But do not launch the program just yet… Before launching the program open eeectl.ini using notepad and scroll down until you find the text ‘speed’. Replace it with the following parameters:-

Speed.Profiles = 54,188,1,2000MHz;

Speed.StepDelay = 500


Save the file …

Step 4:

            Launch Eeectl and set your fan speed to 100%. This is to avoid the heating up of your Eee Pc after over clocking it.

Step 5:

            Now set your processor speed to 2.00 GHz using the preset 2000MHz.

Adding multi touch capabilities.

 In order to add multi touch you need additional software called Smartpad.

You need not worry as it’s free to use. You can download it from the following link:

The whole website is in Chinese but Smartpad is written in English. So downloading it is not difficult.

After you install the software an additional icon will be added to your taskbar. Right click that icon to configure multi touch.

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