Thursday, December 14

Republish Your Old Articles And Reviews Using Bukisa

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Many people enjoy writing online reviews and articles. There are several sites online that pay users for their opinions and expertise. One relatively new website on the scene in called Bukisa. This is yet another website where users are encouraged to post articles and reviews on a wide range of subjects. I have been using Bukisa for quite a while now so thought I would post an article explaining a little bit about the site.

The biggest appeal of Bukisa is the fact that the site owners are more than happy for members to cross post work they have posted on other sites. So as long as you have not sold the rights to your work then there should be no problem with you copying it over onto Bukisa. This means that instead of your work sitting stagnant on some sites, you can keep it in the public spot light and keep it earning money into the future.

There is no limit to what you can write about on Bukisa. You simply create your own title and then post your content. There is a brief editorial process where your work is checked for plagiarism or content that is considered unsuitable for the site. Unless your work is of a really poor standard though you should have no problems getting it published. I like the fact that on Bukisa you can dress up your articles with nice formatting tools and you can also add pictures.

The payment system on Bukisa is not a bad one at all. You do not get any sort of upfront payment for writing an article, but you do get paid for pages views. So every time someone clicks on your article you are earning money. The earnings depend upon the Bukisa index, this is currently at 3.22 which means for every 3.22 people who read your work, you get paid 1 cent. This may not sound like much but as you write more and more you find you get lots of page views and the money starts to roll in. Plus there is no limit to how long the article earns for, so when you post something it will earn for you indefinitely. There is also a friends referral system that can earn users money. For each friend you invite to the site you earn a percentage of their income as a bonus. This is another good way to earn money on the site.

Bukisa is a very simple site to get the hang of. The staff are very helpful and if you have any problems they are quick to offer a helping hand. Chances are this site is not going to make you rich but if you have written a large amount of articles this is a great site to join so you can cross post all your work and start earning more. The great think about Bukisa is that you can just leave you work there and watch the money roll in.

Bukisa pays it’s members via Paypal so you do not have to be based in any specific country to receive payment. The site is a great outlet for writers who want to express their opinions on a wide range of subjects. If Bukisa does appeal to you can join up here, just follow this link and it‘s easy to sign up, they don‘t need any complicated details, it just takes a few minutes to sign up. If you have any questions after joining just send me a message and I’ll try and help you out. Have fun.


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