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Benadryl Hay Fever & Allergy Relief Tablets

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I first started suffering with hay fever when I was 16, about 13 years ago now. So that’s 13 years of suffering through May and June, sniff sniff. When I first got my hay fever I struggled on, determined not to let it bother me. Anyone who suffers this time of the year will realise that’s not the sensible option. So I took myself off to the doctors to get some help.

The doctor suggested a few solutions from herbal remedies, to local honey, to drugs. I tried a few of the natural options but needed something stronger. So I went for the drugs. I tied a few different options, some worked, but made me drowsy and made my head fuzzy. Some didn’t do this, but didn’t stop my hay fever. Benadryl are the best I have found out there!

I have been taking these for quite a few years now. My hay fever still bothers me but it’s not anywhere near as intense as it would be. I get no side effects from the tablets and am very happy with them. They are easy to take and are not to bad if you don’t like swallowing tablets as they seem to slip down pretty easily.

They are also helpful for dust allergies, pet allergies and skin allergies. So it’s not just hay fever that they can help with. The tablets are supposed to last all day and more often than not they do work pretty well. Although when the pollen count if very high sometimes by the end of the day I am starting to sneeze a little more than I would like.

There are plenty of warnings that come with these tablets, but I will not go into these here as I don‘t want to held responsible if I get anything wrong, you can check with your doctor if you’re unsure or just read the leaflet that comes with the tablets. This has lots of helpful information that I am sure will put your mind at ease.

These tablets can work out quite expensive but if you go and consult your doctor you can get these on prescription. That’s what I have done and in the long run it has saved me quite a bit of money.

Overall these are excellent for me personally. I imagine different things work for different people, but if you have never tried these and do suffer from hay fever, you should give them a try! They don’t seem to have many really side effects all though this may depend on who is taking them. For me though they are the best ones on the market and have kept me going through many a spring time.


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