Friday, December 15

Advice For Taking Long Road Trips

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There is something truly inspirational about being alone on the open road. Whether you’re travelling hundreds of miles across country or just doing a two hour drive to visit family, when you’re on your own on a journey all the rules change. Even though it can be a wonderful experience it taking a solo road trip does have it’s dangers. That said you still want to enjoy your journey. So now follow ten top tips on staying safe and enjoying your journey.

1) Plan Your Route Carefully – Before you set off, it’s wise to know where you are going. In the modern era GPS devices are wonderful, but it’s important not to rely to much on these. Technology can go wrong, plan your route on a map and make yourself aware of the directions you will be using. Also make sure you take a map with you, if you are using GPS and it fails then you can use your map as backup.

2) Let Someone Know Your Route – It’s wise to tell friends or family where you are going and when you expect to arrive. That way if something tragic does occur and you do not arrive at your destination people will know where to look for you. This is really planning for the worst but it will be beneficial if something does occur.

3) Carry Your Cell Phone – This technology can be a life saver. Always make sure your phone is charged and you have credit available. However it’s important to remember you may not always have service so don’t trust to much in this technology.

4) Stop For Regular Breaks – Tiredness kills! Never drive when overly tired. Take regular stops to recover your alertness and strength. Make sure you never drive for more than two hours at a time, even if it’s only a ten minutes stop every two hours this could end up saving your life. If you are tired stop for a coffee, have a walk around and get some fresh air, make sure you are alert when you resume your journey.

5) Pack For Emergencies – Even if you’re not travelling that far it’s important to prepare for the worst. Pack spare clothing and a blanket in case you need to sleep in your car. Pack water and spare food just in case you get stuck miles from anywhere. Make sure you have a spare tyre and the ability to change it.

6) Be Safety Conscious – Do not drive in dangerous areas. Driving thorough a dangerous neighbourhood late at night while on your own is not sensible. Take this into consideration when planning your route and avoid any dangerous areas.

7) Snack Often – Keeping your energy levels up will keep you alert. Take candy and chocolate, things that you like to eat and are easy to consume. Munching on candy while driving is also a good moral booster and keeps your spirits high.

8) Stay Well Hydrated – Make sure you regularly take on fluids. You don’t want to take on to much as this will mean constantly stopping for toilet breaks but being balanced in your fluid consumption will again keep you alert and awake.

9) Play Your Favourite Tunes – Being alone in the car gives you the ideal opportunity to play anything you like. Play your guilty pleasures, play the songs all your friends hate, sing them loud and sing them proud and you will enjoy your trip.

10) Take The Scenic Route – Don’t be afraid to drive a little bit further if it means the drive becomes more enjoyable. Sticking to the grind of the highway can get boring and repetitive, so it’s sometimes better to take smaller roads that take a more interesting route.

Following these simple tips will keep you safe and ensure you enjoy your journey all the more. The road trip is a great tradition and can really be an enjoyable experience when on your own. If you are planning a road trip any time soon keep in mind these ten simple tips and you will not go wrong.


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