Friday, December 15

Why Are You Going Green?

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There are many reasons to go green, and thousands of people are going green each and every day. Kermit the Frog has never been so popular! Going green will improve your health. Going green will help reduce your impact on the planet. And, it’s easier than you think.

Going Green for Health

Go green with your food intake and personal hygiene supplies for a direct and beneficial impact not just on you, but on the planet too. Organic food is produced under stringent guidelines covering everything from soil quality to they types of pest control used, hormones and medicines given to livestock, water quality and even processing – better for you, better for the environment. Using organic or ‘green’ shampoos, soaps, beauty products, even laundry liquid, softens our toll on the planet.

Going Green for Transportation

Walking or cycling to work is not only healthy, but an environmentally sound choice as well. Buying carbon offsets when you fly, choosing unleaded gas or better yet a hybrid car, are all ways you can help reduce the impact of your travel.

Simple Ways to Go Green

If you’re thinking about going green you can even do simple things, like start a compost pile, or install energy efficient lights—how about solar powered Christmas lights this year, or if you can afford it, have your hot water run from solar energy?

Going Green is all about the choices you make as a consumer, and in your daily life.

 Your choices can and do have an effect at a global level, because every person who chooses to buy a green, planet-friendly product is sending a message to all the companies out there that green is the way to go. If you choose to go green in your day to day life, you’ll not only be helping yourself, but the planet as well.


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