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How To Get Twitter On Your Iphone Or Ipad

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Twitter is one of the most well known social media and networking sites out there at the moment. So having an app on the iPhone and iPad for this media is crucial. This is where the official Twitter app comes in. This app gives you the ability to access Twitter on your iPhone, the app allows you to do pretty much anything you can on the regular site. The app is very easy to use and is also free to download. This is one of the most popular app downloads and is a must if you are a regular user of Twitter.

When you first open the app you have to sync the app with your regular Twitter account. The is very easy to do, once you have done this once you can just stay logged in. When you open the app up again it takes you to the last page you viewed. At the bottom of the screen there is a toolbar that gives you your updates. There is a speech bubble which is your live tweet page, if your friends have posted any new tweets there will be a small blue dot below the bubble so you know there are new tweets. There is also an @ symbol, this tells you if anyone has mentioned you or retweeted your tweets. Then there is an envelope, this is for your messages if you have a new one then again there will blue dot to inform you. There is also a search tab and an options tab.

On the live tweets page there is a list of all the latest tweets from your friends. The most recent will be displayed first and you can scroll down to read more. There is a picture of your friends and there name will be displayed with the tweet below. You can click on the tweet to follow any links or view the profile. When you click on a tweet you also have the option of leaving a message or retweeting. You can also add the tweet to your favourites or reply to it.

The messages page is also very easy to understand. Again the first message will be displayed first and you can scroll down to reveal older messages. Any new messages you have not yet viewed will have a blue dot next to them. You can click on the messages to open them up and from here you can reply.

The search page is a very handy one. A search bar opens up and you can search usernames or tweets. There is also a list of the post popular tweets and what is currently trending (what people are talking about). From the search page you can also find similar users, this is handy if you are looking for users with similar interests to your own.

Your profile page has lots of information. It tells you how many followers you have, who you are following, how many tweets you have posted and a few other things. You can click on your followers to see the list of them, or who you follow, or click on a list of all your tweets. There are also lists of your retweets or people who have retweeted your work. You also get all the information you have posted on your profile page.

This app really is impressive. I can’t think of anything you can’t do on this app that you can on the actual website. It’s easy to use and updates very quickly. Despite all this I have had a few technical issues with it. I often get the same messages sent over and over. I can takes days for my followers list to update and occasionally the app closes on me. Despite those few flaws though this is a fantastic app that really is a must for anyone who uses Twitter on a regular basis.


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