Thursday, December 14

Convulsion From Fever

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Begins with:

  • sudden change in temperature;

  • very strong tremors;

  • eyes tend to roll back;

  • tongue muscle taut with tendency on the part of the child, to igoiarla.

A parent who has to face for the first time, a very unpleasant situation such as this, to be able to help your child to remain calm but above all it must be readiness for action.

I know that is not at all an easy thing. At a time like this, you are afraid, no one knows what the right thing to do.


  • Keep as calm as possible, do not shake, shaking you lose concentration, you do not do what is necessary for your child who is shaken further, you may be wrong;

  • to ensure that the child does not swallow his tongue. The muscles of the mouth of the child, are certainly tense and tend to keep it closed. Try to open it very gently and delicately, maybe massage, take your tongue in position, this immediately call your pediatrician and take him to the emergency room immediately.

The first project will be done to your child, will be based in trying to calm your child’s seizures.

This often is obtained by putting rectally through a small cannula, a strong dose of valerian. The effect is immediate.

Will then be made of intensified checks to ensure that the seizures are not only due to fever (this may be a manifestation of epilepsy, for example).

Without any controls, found that there are other problems, you can safely return home.


Do not be alarmed.

Certainly at the time of his resignation, will be required of Valeriana that will serve you at home for the first surgery.

Also purchased syringes and butterfly needles (you will need it fitted cannula).

If need be, put Valerian prescribed in the syringe, throw away the ‘needle, and Inserit the cannula, the one with the butterfly, which remove the needle, then with great delicacy, the injected Valerian your child, after a few seconds, the seizures will pass.


Due to the strong tremors caused by seizures, you have to be very calm, patience and steady hand.

After the first surgery, contact your pediatrician.


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