Wednesday, December 13

Top Ten Tips to Improve a Better You – A Motivational Approach on Building Self-Confidence

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Children today tends to have low esteem due to lack of esteem improve and awareness to oneself. If a person will not help oneself to improve confidence, it would be very awkward for him/her to face many people. There are many factors why a person has inadequate self-esteem.

However, it would be more gradual for a person to boost self-esteem if he/she has direction to be abided by. Here are some ways on how to improve self-esteem.

1.) Never be shy. Be confident. Show up your self to other people. You will not grow unless you cover yourself with a shell. Don’t be afraid on what might people denounce about you. Conquer your fear and don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams.

2.) Be an active citizen. Participate and help people in your community. Be a member of a group or organization that will help you boost and improve your confidence in facing many people.

3.) Be who you are. Do not pretend for what your not. Exactly in the quote by William Shakespeare, “God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” It is not right for a person to fool oneself.

4.) Share your talent to everybody. Everyone have talents so why don’t we utilize it as a way of building self-esteem? It’s a big deal that someone is improving self-esteem while serving other people.

5.) Stand as a companion to the people around you. A friend is someone who you could lean on in times of anxiousness and could be trusted at any times. Your companion can help you to be genuine to self. They can be your strength and inspiration in life.

6.) Take the failures you’ve encountered.  No one is perfect. If you fail, you can try agin and you can do that once more until you succeed. An experience in life is the best teacher of all, so do not be despair.

7.) Be an optimistic one. Always foresee at the positive outlook of life. Every delightful days of our life, there are unexpected things that would happen. Let’s expect the best in this world to be possible as the best.

8.) Relish life to the fullest. Life is very enormous that you can’t depreciate it. Recognize the prominence of life that it could make you shout for joy.

9.) Be Strong. Various individual discouraged easily and it turns out to self-consciousness. You must always stay vibrant and energetic so you would not get tired. God is always there right beside you, guiding you to a way of life.

10.) Always pray. If you believe in God and in his creations, have trust in him because he will never leave you alone with your vexations. Just pray in him, do your best and God will do the rest. Prayer changes things.

Following all these tips will further improve your confidence not only in front of many people but to the whole world as well. You can be the person you want to be, an improved and better person for the good of yourself and mankind..


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