Monday, December 18

Glory Is Given

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Glory is given.

Today while sleeping, I received a visit from a very dear and close friend of mine; as on a regular; I like to call him my twin. The Holy Spirit. In the midst of getting up, yawning he spoke to me and said John 17:3, and without any question I did what is second nature to me and opened my bible and turned to John 17:3. Once I’ve read John 17:3, I said to myself “hmm,” so I did some extra reading and started  from the beginning. After reading these three passages, it hit me! See before I went to sleep I was slightly worrying about problems that I can’t change and problems I need to change, so my mind was in a really bobbled state and it was getting to me. As I remember once I woke up I was still thinking about the problems even though I thought I could have just sleep it off, but it didn’t work, and that’s when the Helper came and did His part once again. After reading and thinking on what the message was trying to point out to me, it dawned on me and my problems went away, just like that. Mind was back at it’s regular calm form. See in this passage it reminded me on how blessed I am to have a Savior in my life that would take on all my problems, provide all my needs, and sacrifice all that He has, just for my soul! In John 17:3 Christ starts off saying, “Now this is eternal life”, simply stating a descriptive gift, something clearly worth wanting. The Christ the definition of the gift and how to achieve it by saying, “that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.” Now to receive eternal life you accept the fact that there is a Father and Son, and there’s no way around it, you can’t know one and not the other, it clearly states this. Christ said it himself to the disciples; Matthew 11:27 No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son decides to reveal him.; So Glory is given to Jesus Christ, and through Him the glory id given to the Heavenly Father. Be sure to give it, and you shall receive peace and comfort. I know I have and glad that The Helper is there to keep this in remembrance in the time of need.


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