Saturday, December 16

Sex as Way of Communication

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Married couples should think about sex as a non-verbal way of communication in their marriage.

One of the things that helps married people live longer together is the way they communicate.

But alot of married couples dont even know that sex is also a way of communicating.

People must understand that communication must take place in a verbal and non-verbal way.

So you must talk and listen and also take time to know eachother in intimacy.

Here are some tips to enhance your sexual live (non-verbal way of communicating):

1. Connect with Your Sensual Self.

When it comes to having great sex, knowing what you’re comfortable with is just as important as technique.

2. Warm It Up.

Foreplay is to sex what stretching is to a workout; you have to prepare your body for what’s to come.

3. Try Everything Once.

There is nothing more exhilarating than the unexpected, so experimenting with different positions or introducing a toy might be all that is needed to put the “oh yes!” back into your lovemaking. For inspiration, flip through a book with your partner, such as The Position of the Day Playbook.

4. The Big O.

For most women, exhilarating sex means stronger, more frequent orgasms. While you can’t climax at will, there are ways to increase the probability of an orgasm. Start with strengthening your PC muscles with sex-exercises, relax as much as possible, and of course, practice a lot!


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