Wednesday, December 13

Grilled Cheesy Garlic Bread

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The first thing to do is decide on the type of bread you want to use. I think the best grilled cheesy garlic bread I ever had was made out of Turkish bread, but you could use anything you want, tonight I had multi-grain sliced bread.

You make sure the bread is toasted on the underside, or even put it in the toaster first. Butter it up thoroughly, right to the edges, then add a little cheese.

Obviously, the cheese is quite important as well, in grilled cheesy garlic bread. You could use a tasty cheese, or a mild cheese, a Mozarella, or whatever you have. Make sure the cheese is spread out to the edges too.

Now, you need a small garlic clove. You can crush the garlic, or just cut it into pieces. The important thing is that it gets a chance to cook a little. You can put a little cheese over the garlic if you want too, but don’t overload a thin piece of bread with cheese.

You put it under a hot grill for long enough that the cheese starts turning brown, then a little bit longer. You want the cheese to start to turn a little crispy if it’s not burning the bread. This gives a chance for the garlic to cook, and makes for the most tasty grilled cheesy garlic bread.

If you want, you can add pizza-like ingredients, but remember that you won’t be able to cook it for very long. Some tomato paste, mushroom or pepperoni might go well in moderation, but usually I like my grilled cheesy garlic bread with just bread, butter, cheese and garlic.


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