Sunday, December 17

Microsoft Kinects With Japanese Developers

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Microsoft and several leading Japanese developers used TGS 2010 as the stage to showcase 10 “transformative” games, including five exclusive titles for Kinect. Phil Spencer, corporate vice president for Microsoft Game Studios, and Takashi Sensui, general manager of the Home & Entertainment Division for Microsoft, delivered the Tokyo Game Show keynote address alongside legendary Japanese creators including Goichi Suda, also known as “SUDA 51,”chief executive officer of Grasshopper ManufactureInc.; Keiji Inafune, global head of production at Capcom and From Software; Yukio Futatsugi, game director for Grounding;Shigenobu Matsuyama, producer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising; and Masaya Matsuura, president for NanaOn-Sha Co. Ltd., who appeared via video.

Capcom and SEGA announced two exclusive games for Kinect for Xbox 360: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor (pictured above), and the first-person horror adventure Rise of Nightmares. Microsoft also previewed a new portfolio of Kinect for Xbox 360 games including eerie amusement-park thriller codename D by Grasshopper Manufacture, 3-D adventure game Project Draco by Grounding, and the chilling mystery Haunt by NanaOn-Sha.

“Microsoft has never been more committed to Japanese developers, the heart of innovative gameplay, thrilling stories and iconic heroes,” Spencer said. “To date, Japanese games have already grossed more than $2 billion on Xbox 360, and today’s announcements signal tremendous opportunities for Japanese developers to deliver the future of gaming with Kinect.”

“This is the biggest year in our history with controller-free entertainment, the best blockbuster games, movies, television, music and sports all coming to Xbox 360,” Sensui said. “With the talent of the best creators from Japan, we’re able to bring even more fresh and unexpected experiences to millions of people around the world.”

In addition, other Xbox titles discussed during the event were updated versions of the popular Fire Pro Wrestling and Radiant Silvergun franchises along with the “multi-sensory” shooter Child of Eden by Ubisoft. You can get full descriptions of all of the games discussed right here.

So, are you impressed by the titles Microsoft and these prominent Japanese developers are cooking up? Let us know in the comments below.


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