Friday, December 15

Lara Croft Online Co-Op Delayed on Ps3 And PC

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If you thought waiting to pick up Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for PS3 or PC would mean you wouldn’t have to wait for online co-op, cruel, cruel reality had other plans. In a phone interview , Crystal Dynamics’ Karl Stewart confirmed that online co-op will not be available to PlayStation 3 or PC gamers when the title hits those platforms.

Stewart maintained that the delay is purely based on polishing the online experience and is, in no way, a business strategy. He also stated that Crystal Dynamics hopes to have online multiplayer available ‘as soon as possible’ opening at least the possibility PS3 and PC players won’t have to wait as long as their 360 brethren.

And speaking of 360 players, online co-op is still slated to hit Microsoft consoles on September 28th. Around that time, the Xbox will also see the first of five planned DLC packs for Guardian of Light, which will be free to 360 gamers for the first 30 days.

Stewart says they hope to do a similar launch on the PS3 and PC, but there are no firm plans yet.

Has the lack of online co-op affected your plans to pick up the game on your platform of choice? Are you just planning to work through the single-player mode while you wait? Are skipping this one entirely? Our comments lie ready for your pontification.


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