Monday, December 11

5 Steps to Lose Weight by Following a Healthy Lifestyle

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Obesity and extra fat deposits are the common outcome of today’s lifestyle and diet. Apparently one can burn those calories and get into shape by means of exercise and diet control.

By following a healthy lifestyle , one can easily bring down the extra gained weight without consuming much time for exercise. Considering the two key factors for effective weight loss , the diet control and exercise , we can briefly look into the following steps:

  1. Avoid any Junk Food that you usually have. Generally at evening tea time, one finds it very hard to control the basic feeling of wanting more food because of the intense hunger signs. This is the most probable time of having junk food. Try to avoid this by having a fresh fruit or fresh juice. While going to office one can easily carry an apple or a pear or guava or any fruit of their choice. Another option is to have vegetable salads.
  2. Control the Diet by choosing less calorie food materials . Usage of oil, butter, ghee and other fat products must be minimized. Try using low fat milk and yoghurt. Plan your diet well in advance and minimize the portions for non-vegetarian food in the meals. One can efficiently reduce the amount of food taken at one meal time by having a soup and salad before main course.
  3. Eat Your Food Slowly . We usually tend to eat in a hurry and often forget that we are full. This leads to intake of extra calories than actually needed. The brain would constantly send hunger signs to the body. And it would take some time for the brain to stop sending those signs. By eating at a moderate speed we can effectively control them.
  4. Drink Plenty of Water . Usual formula of drinking water is 8 glasses each day. It is quite good to have 2 glasses of water early in the morning soon after getting up from bed. It increases the metabolic rate. It also aids in avoiding constipation problems. Intake of water helps in break down of proteins and fats, there by reducing the deposits all over the body. Thus drinking plenty of water too helps in weight loss.
  5. Stick to Walking and Climbing Stairs whenever possible. Avoiding lifts and escalators and taking stairs helps you to burn the extra calories. By doing so at every possible occasions in daily life can help to a certain extent. Something is always better than nothing. Also, if you are commuting by any means, other than your private car, choose to get down at a point where it takes a walk of say 15-20 minutes to reach home.

By practicing them regularly will keep you healthy and energized and would help in maintaining proper weight.


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