Wednesday, December 13

Different Writing Jobs

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The art of writing is an inspiring, self-rewarding and an enriching experience. It could be a passion for some and a way of earnings for some others. Nevertheless it takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance to surpass and taste the fruit of success.

The different streams of writing are content writing, ghost-writing, writing books, poetry writing, blogging and journalism.

Content Writing
A content writer writes about a specific topic or an issue. Article writing is the best example for it. These articles can be for online magazines, or for paid writing sites or the writer himself can bid for a price. There has been an overwhelming increasing in the growth of online writing sites. This is quite flexible as the writer has the freedom to opt for his choices on topics to write.

A ghost-writer writes on someone eles’ behalf. It doesn’t seem to be the cup of tea for every one. It’s a bit more complicated as it requires the writer to write about anything and everything that the project demands. And its bound to have stringent schedules.

Writing Books
Some are rarely talented to come up with writing a book of their own. It could be a novel, an informational or educational book or a collection of poetry by the author himself. One can write an e-book and get them listed in online publishing sites to get a fair reward. Simplicity of an e-book is that it can be too short or long based on the author’s discretion.

Journalism is a field of writing and editing the news or current events and issues for a social cause in the print media such as newspapers. Punctuality, wit and hard work forms the indispensable part for this career in journalism.

A blogger again, can write about anything he wants. The blogger should identify a group or a niche which interests him and create posts which the targeted group would like to read. More number of useful and valid posts will surely drive a lot of traffic to the blog. Awareness of the keyword search and other SEO tricks would benefit the blogger.

All these streams would take some time to flourish. Immediate success, quick and regular income styles are not so common here, even though there are exceptions.



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