Tuesday, December 12

The Handy Man Checklist to Home Renovations

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I live by myself in a small house in the countryside and every month I ask the handy man of the village to come and inspect my house for problems. In this article, I will tell you what every handy man has to inspect in your home.

The handy man checklist doesn’t depend on the size of your house. There are some main things that always have to be inspected and they are in every house.

1.       Electricity installation – it is very important that you get your electricity installation checked regularly. We all know what can happen if there is a short cut. So be on the safe side and ask your handy man to do it.

2.       Plumbing – at least every two months you should have your plumbing checked regardless whether you are experiencing problems with it or not. Nobody wants his or her house to flood because of a broken pipe. The handy man should check for leaks and should check all the fittings and if needed tighten them.

3.       Another thing that the handy man should do is check all the doors of the cupboards in the kitchen, also the doors (and their hinges) of every room. He should check the windows as well in case there is a problem with the closing and opening.

4.       Once all those things are done, the handy man can move outside. Once outside he should start with the roof. If you have chimneys, he should check them to see if everything is ok with them and that they are not blocked. Next thing are the roof tiles. Only by being on the roof, the handy man can prevent future leaks in the house by rearranging the tiles. Sometimes they move and even though you have no leaks in the house that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have any in future. If there are any broken tiles, they should be replaced.

5.       While on the roof the handy man can check the gutters – if they are loose – tighten them and if they are blocked, clean them. If you leave your gutters blocked you may cause damage to your house.

6.       Another thing that needs to be checked is the render. Sometimes there are minor problems with the render that need to be corrected on time in order to keep the good and tidy look of it.

7.       Last but not least, I will say the fence. My fence is not solid so it needs regular checks and when needed repairs. Sometimes it falls down from the strong winds and the handy man always comes to put it up.

As you can see the handy man list is endless. There are so many more things that he does, however these are the most important ones that should not be missed.

The word for renovation in Danish is Renovering udgifter and if you click on the link you will find everything you need to know about it. Although the website is in Danish, you can translate it with Google Translator. To see what tools you will need if you are about to renovate your house, go here.


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