Monday, December 18

Developing a Reading Habit in Children

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Its never too early or late to start a reading habit for anyone. Earlier it gets started, the better. At very young age itself children gets fascinated by books, especially the ones with bright colours and pictorial illustrations. As they grow, they tend to explore each and every new thing that comes across their way. Experts says that books could be introduced at infancy stage itself. It helps the baby in acquiring better brain development and, linguistic and visual capabilities.

For choosing books for babies who are less than a year of age, utmost care should be given with respect to the colour and texture. Baby’s eyes could be very sensitive to bright colours. Black and white patterns are ideal for babies at younger age.

When the baby reaches the toddler stage, they would have acquired clear vision and would be mastering over their motoring skills. For them, books with novelty ideas and brightly illustrated pages made out of cardboards and cloth are ideal. At initial stage they may not be able to understand the meaning of the words. But, by repeating the words and by nurturing a habit of reading everyday, children will be able to develop their vocabulary as well as comprehension. Children loves to hear stories. Narrating stories with different voice patterns and gestures would help them in gaining a better grasp of the subject. Apart from reading the word aloud, engage in talking about the colours and pictures around and encourage them to participate.

By the age of three, every child would be able to follow the simple storyline. Let them turn the pages and choose the books to read. While reading for them just run your finger over the words for them to understand the flow of writing. It also helps them to understand more about the words. At this age, most of the kids would be eager to learn about new things. By providing them motivation, praise, rewards and encouragement parents could easily lay the firm foundation of developing language, vocabulary, visual and listening skills. This helps the children to grow as independent readers. 


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